• SOAR Leadership hosts an assembly of Letcher County Healthcare leaders discussing a collaboration to tackle the impact of SUD (Substance Use Disorder). The Letcher County leaders included MCHC, ARH, and ARC. Each respective party selected tasks to undertake to combat SUD. An agreement was reached to meet monthly, henceforth forming Help End Addiction for Life (HEAL). Operation UNITE also attended the meeting, a program instrumented by Congressman Hal Rogers to combat SUD in Kentucky. HEAL grew from three healthcare companies to a group of 60 stakeholders over the course of four months. HEALs goal was to unite community efforts & stakeholders to raise awareness and pool all resources together. 

  • September, 2017 - Needlework play is shown at Southeast Community and Technical College in Whitesburg, Kentucky. This was again shown at the Cumberland campus during the following month of October. 

  • October, 2017 - At the time of date, three providers were working towards their suboxone waivers while three already possessed them. Several programs were supported and achieved including, but not limited to; Narcan Kit trainings, Drug Bag Disposal Program, Needle Exchange, Neonatal Abstinence Program, and a convocation of Addiction Recovery Center.

  • November, 2017 - MCHC conducts motivational interviewing class in Whitesburg. Had first patient to go through the program to become a peer support specialist. Equated hospitals were provided with training on withdrawal screening tools. 

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  • January, 2018 - Tim Robinson spoke on treatment and training at the workforce summit. 

  • March, 2018 - Ongoing Neonatal Abstinence program at MCHC with Dr. Wade Baker and Dr. Katrina Slone. Suboxone program also moving along with Dr. Van Breeding, Dr. Matt Breeding, and Dr. Jonathan Hatton. First patient from Letcher County jail is sent to Whitesburg MCHC to acquire treatment. The patient then consented to recovery in Addiction Recovery Care. A second Letcher County jail inmate received the same care and consented to recovery at the residential treatment facility.

  • April, 2018 - Needlework Play is successfully held in Pikeville with 200 in attendance. 

  • June, 2018 - HEAL 




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